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  • Partial Price List
    Partial Price List

    To see our partial price list (we can't list all of our 30 services here), please visit our FACEBOOK PAGE. Call our office at 689.2889 for more details on parts, software & other labor costs. 

    Note: We will price match or beat any other competitor with their 'apples to apples' estimate or otherwise known cost thru their website, etc. 

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    See Our Support Page


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    See Our Sales Page

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  • Gadget Setup - Amazon Echo?
    Gadget Setup - Amazon Echo?

    Did you just get a new Amazon Echo and need someone to setup it all up?

    If so, call us to schedule an onsite appointment. Computers are not the only thing we setup and support.

  • Laptop LCD & Touch Screen Replacement
    Laptop LCD & Touch Screen Replacement

    * Much less to fix than buying a brand new laptop
    * Fixed in as quick as 24-hours
    * We do NOT ship your laptop out to be fixed - Like Bestbuy
    * Price includes a 3-year warranty on the LCD
    30-day warranty on our labor 
    * A typical 15.6" LCD (not CCFL or Touch) is about $55 before
      labor, tax and shipping - to get just the LCD to us
    * We also replace Touch Screens as well - Call 689-2889 for cost, more details, etc.

     Note: If your Windows or Macbook display screen is not cracked (i.e. does not looks like an ink-splot) but is dim, has lines, dots, etc., you could be having other issues such as your Inverter, Video Cable, Video Card or even Main Ciruit Board. There you can also read about the "possible FREE solutions" to your display problem. If your laptop or Mac is a touch screen, there are times we cannot get the LCD and\or entire top assembly. **We can have your LCD part shipped to us in about 24-hours for $10. Once we have the part, it will be fixed in under 1-hour. We will also need to get the exact screen part number from the back of the screen before we order it.  The exact screen cost will also depend on the size (13", 15.6", 17", etc.) and the type of screen (LCD, LED, TOUCH or CCFL).

    D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) note: The exact screen part number LTNXXX is very vital. You cannot use the make\model of the laptop and look it up on eBay, Amazon, etc.  If you plan to install your own screen we can supply the screen for you - but call our office first to check to see if we have one in stock. If we don't have them in stock, we can get and fix your screen in as quick as 24-hours (if you wish to pay to have it shipped over-night). By D.I.Y and getting the part from us, you will save money on labor as well as the waiting time for the part to arrive.  However, if parts are Self-Installed, our 3-year parts warranty will not apply.



  • Virus Detection and Removal
    Virus Detection and Removal

    * Scan your entire system hard drive with our 3-level scanners
    * Manually remove infections with a high percentage of success
    * Clean up all Internet Browers (Edge, FireFox, Chrome, etc.)
    * We stock Internet security software in 1, 3 and 5-user licenses
    * Flat removal rate

    Note: We have flat rates and the exact job cost depends upon how bad the infections are and what else we may have to do to completely resolve your infection issue i.e. install security software, reload Windows, etc.  In some cases, customers do not have an infection but just a very old or slow computer that needs a simple tune-upYou will be advised accordingly once we know 100%.

  • Laptop DC Power Jack and Cable Replacement
    Laptop DC Power Jack and Cable Replacement

    * We can replace or solder your bad or damaged DC power jack
    * Flat laptop labor rate plus parts, tax and shipping of part only
    * We do NOT ship your laptop out like that other "Geek in a Box"
    * If we have the part in stock, it will be a same day service
    * We also stock new universal wall Power Adapters

    Note: Every situation varies with your exact make and model of your laptop. We will only know 100% of which part is needed and the cost once our Technician takes your laptop apart and can further diagnose the issue.  If we do not have your part in stock, it generally only takes a few business days to receive the parts.  If your prefer (and the vendor offers), we can have them expedite "next day", "over-night", etc. the part for a higher fee than their normal priority shipping cost. Once the part arrives, it is generally installed the same day. This will depend upon our workload and if we have space on one of our tech bench's.

  • Liquid Spills - Laptop Damage
    Liquid Spills - Laptop Damage

    Did you like many others, spill water, coffee, wine, etc. onto your laptop or Macbook computer?

    Well you are not alone. Bring your laptop or Macbook in and let us do a free check-in assessment. With liquid generally spilling mainly into the keyboard first, at times, we can just replace the keyboard and it resolves most issues. However, if the liquid went through-out your computer, it maybe a loss. However, we can generally remove the hard drive and still backup your important data files as another service.

  • Laptop Data Back-Up, Recovery and Removal
    Laptop Data Back-Up, Recovery and Removal

    We will back-up and transfer your files (but not programs) to either a DVD, Flash Drive or your current or our new external hard drive.  We have an unlimited back-up flat rate.  During this process, our policy is that we scan your hard drive for viruses (we do not want to infect our server as well as the your drives).  If we find and remove any infections, we charge a 50% discounted rate vs. our normal flat rate range to remove any infections.  If you choose to dispose or recycle your old/broken laptop or desktop with us, we have a complete "File Scrub" Service.  This process can take several hours and is at DOD standards at a flat rate.  Once your hard drive has been securely wiped clean, we will then properly recycle your old computer for FREE!

    Note: We can only back-up data that we can actually access.  In other words, if you have a bad hard drive and we cannot access the files, we may have to only replace the drive.  If you MUST have your data files recovered, then we can send it out to our Drive Savers Partner.  All they do is data recovery from damaged hard drives and they have a pretty high success rate.  We prepare your hard drive and send it out for a FREE over-night shipping and FREE evaluation.  Once our recovery partner advises us if they can recover and the cost, we will then advise you. 


  • Password Reset
    Password Reset

    If you have forgotten your password, we can try to reset and/or clear your password at a flat rate.  If we are not able to reset your password, there will be no charge.

    Note: Sometimes login issues can be caused by corrupted Windows or profile issues.  If that is what has happened, we will have to further troubleshoot and may have to reinstall your Windows OS.  Flat al-a-cart rates for (Windows reinstallation, data backup, security updates, etc.) will then apply instead of the original password reset fee.

  • Video Display Issues On Laptops
    Video Display Issues On Laptops

    Did your laptop screen randomly go out?

    If it did, and its 100% the on-board video graphic chip (and not a bad LCD, display cable, etc.); we are the only company that has a very high success rate process called "Reflow".

    With this process, our skilled technician will slightly heat up the on-board graphic chip to "reflow" the soder so it can properly connect to the board again. This on-board display problem can actually be a "design flaw" on particular laptops like HP DV series when they get hot and overheat. The overheating can be caused when the laptop is used on your lap or a surface that does not allow it stay cool. Another overheating issue can occur when the processor fan fails, gets clogged with dust, etc.

    Note: We are not 100% sure how long this process will be successful, (i.e. until it happens again) but we have seen ranges from 3-months up to 1-year. This is still worth the small labor process to have us 1) Totally dis-assemble laptop, 2) Remove the mainboard where graphic chip is sodered, 3) Reflow the graphic chip and 4) Re-assemble laptop - all in about 1-hour. This is more cost effective than purchasing a new laptop, setting it up, new software programs, transferring files, etc. Furthermore, those big box stores will advise you it can't be fixed and will encourage you to just purchase a new computer from them. Lastly, they don't do this very delicate skilled type of labor and will ship-out all display issues i.e. bad or cracked screens, etc. and will have you pay about $35 shipping fees.

  • Apple Watch - Battery Replacement
    Apple Watch - Battery Replacement

    Are you having issues with your Apple Watch battery expanding, lifting up your screen, etc.? If so, we can fix for just about 1/2 the cost of Apple. They can charge up to $200. Call us at 689-2889 for more specific details.

  • iPad and Tablets* Fast Screen Replacement
    iPad and Tablets* Fast Screen Replacement

    We replace iPad 1,2,3, Mini, Air, etc. Glass Digitizers and LCD's and we do NOT ship out your iPad or other device - like other companies. This includes a 30-day warranty on the part - if we do the full replacement.  Our general replacement turn around time is about 1-day or even the *same day. *Based on parts, availability and the current job queue.

    D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) Note: The exact iPad type (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation, etc.) and color (black or white) is very vital.  If you plan to install your own glass digitizer, we can supply the part for you - but call our office first to check on our parts stock.  This will save you money on labor, shipping as well as waiting for the part to arrive. If parts are Self-Installed, out 3 year warranty will NOT apply.

    *Note: We also DO fix the Glass Digitizers and LCD's on other NON-iPad tablets - like Samsung, Nexus, Kindle, Asus, etc. depending upon parts and availability.  Pease call our office with your specific issue, tablet model number, size, color, etc. so we can check for the part. Other low end tablets like Proscans and Trio's for $99 or less are generally not worth fixing by the time you include the part, tax, labor, etc. It is generally more cost effective to simply replace.

  • iPhones and Gadgets* 1-Hour Screen Replacement
    iPhones and Gadgets* 1-Hour Screen Replacement

    We replace LCD's and Glass Digitizers on iPhones 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6+, 6s, and 7 as well as iPads and tablets.  We do NOT ship out your device - like other companies. The part includes a 30 day warranty on defects and the general turn around time is 1-hour on iPhones. *Based on parts, availability and the current job queue.

    D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) Note: The exact iPhone type (5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6+, 6s, and 7 and color (black or white) is very vital.  If you plan to install your own, we can just supply the part for you - call our office first to check on our parts stock. If we don't have it in stock, we can generally get it the NEXT DAY. This will save you money on labor and shipping as well as waiting for the part to arrive. 

    *Note:  At times, (due to parts and availability), we cannot fix other gadgets like Playstations®, Xboxes®, etc .  However, please still call our office with the model number, specific issue, etc. so we can check for parts if they are even needed.


  • Tune-Up, Airclean and Keyboard Replacement
    Tune-Up, Airclean and Keyboard Replacement

    A Tune-Up of your system may be needed if it is running slow or sluggish. We will also diagnose performance problems, optimize start-up and shutdown processes, remove unwanted programs and trialware, clean up registry entries and temp files, install critical updates, activate existing security software (software and installation - not included\Add-on service), clean up menu, quick launch, and taskbar shortcuts and provide free estimates for solutions. After a Tune-Up, if your system is still running slow, we will recommend adding more memory or have us run full virus scans - other reasons why your system can be slow.

    If your laptop, Mac or even desktop is overheating, the fans are making noises, etc., it may be time for you to bring it in so we can Airclean your system for a very low flat rate.  This will prevent further damage to your system such as overheating due to dust, pet hair, etc.  

    We can also replace missing or broken keys which includes the new key, cup, bezel, tax, shipping and labor.  We can even replace your entire keyboard if too many keys are missing or there is other keyboard damage like liquid spills. At times, the new keyboards can be embedded into the top assembly. If so, no problem, we can easily and quickly order and install those as well.

  • Drive Savers Partner
    Drive Savers Partner

    Did your internal or external Hard Drive fail mechanically?

    If so, we can only back-up data from Hard Drives that we can actually access.  In other words, if you have a bad Hard Drive and we cannot access the files due to a MECHANICAL issue i.e. failed read\write arm, bad motor, platter, etc., we can only replace the drive.  However, if you MUST have your data files recovered, then we can send it out to our Drive Savers Partner.  

    Since 1985, all they do is data recovery from mechanical damaged Hard Drives and they have a pretty high success rate.  We prepare, pack, ship your Hard Drive for a small fee of $20 (to cover our time and materials).  Once our recovery partner advises us if they can recover per FREE evaulation, they will advise us of the cost and then we advise our customer.

    Click here to read more information
    Click here to see their detailed video

  • Clone Your Hard Drive
    Clone Your Hard Drive

    Bring us your Laptop, Mac or Desktop and we can make an exact clone\image* of your hard drive. This way you can now have a faster hard drive, use it as secondary backup, etc. This is also great to do ahead of time in case your Windows 10 or other installation or even hard drive fails.

    *As long as your Hard Drive passes the full integrity test. If your current Hard Drive has any bad sectors on the drive, it may not clone all data correctly 100%. Customer will also have to purchase a new Hard Drive (which we do have in stock) in order to clone and create their image.

  • Windows 10 & Upgrade Issues
    Windows 10 & Upgrade Issues

    If you are like so many others who are having issues with Windows 10 we can:

    1. Backup your data files to a FD or External Hard Drive (we stock)
    2. Reinstall and configure Windows 
    3. Install all drivers and security updates
    4. Install Internet Security Software

    Note: We highly suggest that customers back-up their data files before attempting to do this themselves.



  • Mac OS Reinstallations
    Mac OS Reinstallations

    If your computer has a nasty virus and cannot be removed, your Mac or Windows OS (Operating System) has become corrupt, etc. we can reinstall a fresh copy of your OS along with all the system drivers and updates.  We will also install the current updates, security patches, Java, Adobe, etc.  First we will make an unlimited back-up of your data file folders such as My documents, My pictures, My music, etc. for a flat rate. 

    * Download, Install & configure all current security updates and patches
    * Recommend and install some type of security software - Labor and software rates may apply.

    Note:  If OS will not boot, it could be due to a bad HD. If so, we may have to also replace before we reload OS. We do stock and carry hard drives.

  • Hardware and Software Upgrades
    Hardware and Software Upgrades

    We can upgrade your hardware such as your system memory, CPU, PSU, hard drive, video card, motherboards, etc.  We can also upgrade your Operating System to the most current system on both Windows and Macs.  We can also download, install and configure all current updates and security patches.

  • Custom Built Desktops
    Custom Built Desktops

    We can custom build a desktop for our clients that prefer a more high-end computer for business or gaming.  We know that those off-the-shelf desktops do not have enough processing power, memory or video especially for gaming vs. one of our custom built computers.  Once we have your budget and exact needs in mind, we will order your parts and can build your new computer the same day -  once all your parts arrive.

  • Networking - Wireless and Wired
    Networking - Wireless and Wired

    We can come to your home or office and setup, install, configure and secure your wired or wireless network, router, etc.  We serve all of Hampton Roads and charge a small on-site travel fee* and a flat networking rate.  Any hardware needed like a new Wireless Router or Network Adapter will be an additional cost.  We also carry a variety of wireless routers, switches, etc.

    *This small flat on-site travel fee applies to the Southside.  For the Peninsula, (due to distance), this fee may double.  Most computer companies charge a travel fee but they do not itemize it like we do.

  • Recycle Old or Broken Laptops, Macs, PC's - For FREE
    Recycle Old or Broken Laptops, Macs, PC's - For FREE

    PC Alternatives is a green company and offer to recycle old or broken laptops for FREE*. Learn more about the impact of NOT recycling here.

    *The only services we charge for is data backup (if needed) and securely removing your entire hard drive files per DOD standards.  This Data Scrub Process can take several hours and we offer a very reasonable flat rate.  Once your files have been securely wiped, we will properly recycle your old or broken computer.

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