• Need Your Cracked Laptop Screen Replaced?

    Need Your Cracked Laptop Screen Replaced?

    $10 Off Laptop Labor*

    *Brand NEW screens *3-year warranty *Fixed in just 24-hours

    **Discount is only on labor vs. part, shipping, tax, etc. Cannot be used for Macbooks, Touchscreens or AIO desktops because the screens are much more expensive. However, we CAN replace any Macbook, Touchscreen, iPhone and iPad screen as well. Call us anytime for more information. Read more here about screen replacements

    Limit 1 per customer. Sale ends on 03/24/2018.

  • "Next Door" Neighbor Special

    "Next Door" Neighbor Special

    15% Off Any Laptop Service

    See what others on Nextdoor are saying about us by clicking here. If you are a member of nextdoor.com (a private social network for your neighborhood) contact us and advise which neighborhood you are in. If we are in the same or even connected neighborhood network we will give everyone a 1-time 15% any in-office laptop labor service.

    To Redeem: Must be an active listed member, not just on nextdoor.com but in the same or connected network. 1 coupon per house hold. Must present this coupon at the time of service and only that person/house hold that is officially registered on the site can use the coupon. This discount cannot be used towards any software, hardware, tax, shipping, etc. that maybe needed to fix your laptop.

    Limit 1 per customer. Sale ends on 03/24/2018.

  • Remote Computer Support

    Remote Computer Support

    $69 - ($10 Savings)

    Most basic issues can be fixed in 1-hour or less. Others charge $89 and up...

    Note: Other issues - like hardware problems cannot be fixed remotely and our Technician will need to come *on-site or you can bring your computer to our office. For remote access, your computer will also need to have a good working Internet connection. By using our remote service, customers will save more vs. our normal on-site and travel fees. This discounted rate applies to most basic issues and can generally be resolved in 1-hour or less.

    Sale ends on 03/24/2018.

  • Purchase A Gift Certificate

    Purchase A Gift Certificate

    Gift Certificates starting at $20...

    Please call us at 757-689-2889 or come by our office to purchase a gift certificate towards any computer service.

  • New Microsoft Wireless Mouse

    New Microsoft Wireless Mouse

    Only $19.99*

    $10 Off Deal (Was $29). *Plus tax. While supplies last.

    Limit 1 per customer. Sale ends on 03/31/2018.

  • 6 FREE Benefits

    6 FREE Benefits

    Others Charge For Support - Both Before And After - We Don't

    (1) Free Written Estimates - During Computer Check-In 
    (2) Free Assessments - During Computer Check-In 
    (3) Free Consultation - During Computer Check-In 
    (4) Free Phone Support - Life Time
    (5) Free Email Support - Life Time
    (6) Free Live Chat General Support - Life Time

  • Laptop Tune-Up

    Laptop Tune-Up

    Only $49

    For laptops, Macs (and even desktops) that are serviced in our office. We are $80 less than going "In-store" to the big box stores and "NO In-office appointment" is ever required. See for yourself: http://www.geeksquad.com/services/computers/computer-tune-up.aspx.

    If your computer is slow, sluggish, locks up, etc., it may just simply need a Tune-up. We will specifically check the systems memory, processor, startup configuration, virus and security software protection and configuration. We will Tune-up the system the best we can and also make our recommendations like adding more memory, virus security protection, etc. Note: This special does not include the cost and installation of any hardware i.e. more memory or software i.e. virus removal or service that may be needed to resolve your slow or sluggish issues. Cannot be combined with other offers.

    Limit 1 per customer. Sale ends on 03/24/2018.

  • Public Service Discount

    Public Service Discount

    15% Off Laptop Labor*

    Public Service includes:  Firefighters, First Responders, Police, and Pubic School Employees

    *Must have and present a valid Service ID Card. To redeem, you must either present or mention this discount in our office the day of service. This discount cannot be used on any hardware, software, (that may be needed to fix issue) shipping, tax or labor. This cannot be combined with other offers.

    Limit 1 per customer. Sale ends on 03/24/2018.

  • Save 20% - Laptop Labor

    Save 20% - Laptop Labor

    Check-In at Yelp and Save

    To quickly redeem on laptop labor:

    1. Click on your Yelp app or login to yelp.com
    2. Search for PC Alternatives in Virginia Beach
    3. Once you see our name pop-up, click on our link and then click on 20% check-in offer to redeem

    Limit 1 per customer. Sale ends on 03/24/2018.

  • Simply "Like Us" on Facebook

    Simply "Like Us" on Facebook

    Get 10% off any laptop labor service

    Quick to redeem:

    1. Click on our "blue Like Facebook button" - above top\right of this page
    2. Login to your Facebook account and "Like us" or better yet, "give us a quick review"
    3. Your name from the "Like us" will be displayed on our Facebook page
    4. Bring in your laptop or even desktop and get "an immediate" 10% off any labor service

    Limit 1 per customer.

  • Loyalty Card Program

    Loyalty Card Program

    20% Off Any Laptop Labor

    Pickup one of our 20% Off Loyalty cards and take advantage of these savings on your next in-office visit.

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